Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

Roof Cleaning: Tips and Tricks

roof cleaning
roof cleaning

Roof cleaning is a regular part of roof care. Smart homeowners must wonder if they are properly caring for the roof. Neglecting the roof could lead to damages that may cost a lot in getting repaired. A damaged roof can provide an entry to molds and mites that may further damage the personal property such as furniture and clothes inside the house. So, we have listed some tips and tricks that can help you have a study roof a long way.

Before we get into the tips and tricks for roof cleaning, here’s a video you might want to check out! 

  • Clear and test gutters and downspouts: Whenever weather changes, clear the downspouts and gutters—clean debris from the roof with a broom. The debris left to accumulate can block the gutters.
  • Trim trees and bushes: Keep trees and bushes at least 1-2 feet away from your house. At the time of rain and thunderstorm, they can break and fall and damage the roof. Inspect trees that are hazardous to your property and have them removed by professionals.
  • Inspect vents and insulation: Visually inspect the vents and insulation on the roof to ensure there is no damage to it. Any damage to the insulation will directly lead to a damaged roof.
  • Look for damaged flashing: Flashing closes the gap between roofing components. It serves to weatherproof roofing joints making it fully resistant to water and wind.
  • Use biodegradable chemical cleaner: For cleaning of rust, molds, and alleges from the roof, use a biodegradable chemical cleaner. Some roofing materials may need special cleaning agents. Make sure you use the right type of cleaning agent. If in doubt, contact your local roof cleaning service provider for help.
  • Avoid pressure washing: Never pressure wash the roof as it may damage the roof components. Spraying pressurized water can uplift the tiles, and water may deposit underneath them. In short, pressure washing may cost you more in the long run in terms of added roof repairing costs.

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