Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

Repaint Wooden Doors

repaint wooden doors
repaint wooden doors

Have you decided to repaint the doors of your home? Wondering how long it will take to repaint them? The time taken to repaint wooden doors depends on the condition of the existing paintwork. In case the existing paintwork is in good condition, a re-coating will work. But, if it is flaky, discolored, and old, it needs a complete overhaul. Removing the old paint and repainting the door is the only option. Here is a guide to help you repaint the wooden doors like a pro:

1. Remove flaky paint with the help of a scraper. Remove doorknob, bolt, and handle, if possible, otherwise cover them with a plastic sheet.

2. Once the paint removed, fill any cracks or holes in the door with putty, wood filler, or cellulose filler. Fill the gaps and leave a certain level of filer raised on the hole and sand it with a fine paper for a smooth finish.

3. Wipe down the door with paint thinner. Don’t leave out the edges and keyholes.

4. Apply primer and undercoat on the door before painting it. The undercoat should be of the same color as the topcoat. If possible, use the undercoat and top layer of the same brand or manufacturer. If the door had a darker shade of paint, you might have to make substantial or repeated undercoat to cover the darker shade.

5. Let the undercoat dry before applying the topcoat of paint.

While repainting the door, ensure to prevent handles, knobs, bolts, and other door accessories from paint splashes as you may have to spend more time cleaning them. You can paint the door by yourself by following the steps mentioned above. However, while repainting the door, examine for any damages by termites or wear and tear over time. Repair any damage as you move ahead with painting the doors.

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