Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

Most Common Kitchen Countertop Types

kitchen countertop
kitchen countertop

The fact that endless countertops are available in the market is limited to the brands. Once you decide to go beyond brands, you will be surprised to know that there are just a handful of materials that are quite commonly found in the kitchen countertops. 

Among the most popular choices for kitchen countertops include granite countertops, marble, quartz, ceramic tiles, quartzite, and many more. Depending on your budget, the design of your home, the style of your looking for or even your color preference, there would be an ideal kitchen countertop just for you. 

So, let us look at some of the most common countertops types that may come across in the market easily.

1. Natural Stone Countertops: The natural stone countertops are made of stones such as slate, marble, granite, and soapstone. The natural stone countertops can be quite expensive for their appearance and durability.

2. Engineered Stone Countertops: The countertops made up of quartz and industrial waste. They can add style and class to the kitchen. They are designed to shine and do not require sealing of any sort. Engineered stone countertops are again expensive but are durable and not high-maintainable.

3. Concrete: Another most common type of countertop that you may come across is a concrete countertop. The concrete countertops can be customized to match the interiors of the kitchen. Many families choose concrete countertop over others for they don’t scratch, are heat resistant, and can add colors to the kitchen as they are available in different shades of colors.

4. Ceramic Tile: A lot of homes have ceramic tiles installed as their chosen countertops for the limitless options to choose from. Ceramic tiles are quite affordable and are non-porous. But, once installed, the tiles may have to re-sealed repeatedly.

5. Wood Countertops: Wood countertops are the choice of homes that care for hygiene and cleanliness. The countertops are made from rock maple and blond hardwood. Wood countertops are available in three styles – edge grain, wide plank, and end grain. They are warm and heat resistant. 

So these were the most common countertops you may come across in the market. Each countertop is designed to add style and class to the kitchen. Choose the one that matches your lifestyle. 

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