Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

Modern Home Design Tips

modern home design
modern home design

Modern living comes with smart utilization of resources in decorating the interior as well as the exterior of the house. Sometimes, however, the slightest change in the design can help change the entire outlook of the house. Let us look at some of the best ways to enhance the appearance of a home to more of a modern one.

1. Modernist Art: Decorate the interior of the wall with modernist art such as abstract art and cubism. A large piece of art with no frame hung on the wall will make your home look modern and appealing to the guests.

2. Neutral Walls: Modernist favor stillness of natural wall. Keep the color of the walls as neutral as you can. Shades of gray and white on the interior and exterior of the wall will redefine the entire look of the house.

3. Clutter-Free: Keep the visible part of the house clutter-free. Don’t leave anything on the countertop. Use organizers to store and hide the stuff that you seldom use.

Check out how these interior designers managed to make this minimalist modern home amazing minus all the clutter! 

4. Open Space: If the house is still in the process of construction, have a plan to create free space. Every modern house has an open space connecting two rooms such as kitchen and dining. Open space also promotes ventilation in the house.

5. Large Windows: Include large windows in the plan. The windows will provide a more comprehensive look of the outside and will also promote a healthy flow of air. They will even fill the room with sunlight.

6. Neutral Cabinets and Doors: Try and keep the cabinets and doors as neutral as you can. Modern house kitchen has cabinets that are the least shiny. In short, keep it simple and subtle.

Modern living is also about keeping it simple. When you chose to live in contemporary life, you chose to have a broader outlook on things. Clutter-free and neutral colors are two words that perfectly define a modern house.  

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