Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

Different Types of Roofs For Your Home

Roof adds to your house a curb appeal. Every roof will have a life expectancy and a time will come when it will have to be replaced. If you design it from scratch or choose a new one for your existing house, the marketplace offers a wide range of materials. All of these materials should be considered.

Knowing the style is important, when selecting materials from the roof, but it is not the only thing. Environment, environment, product quality, weight, and installation specifications should also be included.

Roofing is an expensive job and most homeowners are looking forward to doing it on budget and with little hassle.

For an informed decision, here’s what you need to know.

  1. Slate Roofing If you are looking for high artistic value and high durability roofing options, then slate may be the best material for your home. Slate is known for its elegance, which can increase your house’s value. However, there are some factors that make you worry about your decision, such as high price and installation issues.

Slate roofs consist of natural stones and are long-lasting and solid. For centuries, they can last and are resistant to fire. These can be found in various colors such as violet, purple, gray or black. This roofing is somewhat heavier, so it is important to consult a specialist to decide whether or not the house structure will accommodate slate.

  1. Metal roofing Metal roofing is available for you to choose from in different materials. We range from zinc, nickel, to galvanized steel and copper. Such materials are twice as expensive as the other roofing materials available, such as asphalt roofing. Nevertheless, if you consider other advantages such as reliability, sustainability, and energy efficiency, the cost factor can be overlooked. If you are looking for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly materials, these roofs are one of the best options. These help to reduce energy costs as light reflects this roofing. Aluminum roofs can be recycled and last for years.
  2. Copper Roofing This is one of the oldest residential roofing materials. It has an almost 100-year lifespan. It is immune to fire and mildew, as well as high winds, insects and pests. It gives a beautiful look to your roof, unlike other metallic materials. It does not require an extra coating to enhance the bland look of other types of metals.

It is a light reflector, like other metals, and thus reduces energy consumption. It becomes environmentally friendly because of its recyclability.

For its implementation, a professional is needed. Because of its expansion and contraction drawbacks, it requires proper maintenance and installation. Preferably, it should be mounted with the requisite underlaying to shield it on a proper frame.

  1. Most homeowners enjoy the slate’s beautiful look. The slate, however, is expensive, thick, and hard to mount. Without these drawbacks, synthetic roofing is considered to offer the same exquisite look. This gives you the slate’s visual appeal and is longer lasting. In the event of storms and hailstorms, they cover your house and are also immune to burn. Synthetic roofing is lightweight and easy to install.
  2. The most attractive type of shingles available is the Tile Roofing Tile roofing. You are visually attractive and identifiable immediately. They can last for at least 80 years, which means that you may never need to replace them.

When choosing material for roofing, you consider the cost and durability of two main factors. When you live in an area with lots of variations in temperature, then longevity will be a major concern. The roof materials of today come in many different types, shapes, colors and sizes, giving homeowners plenty of choices.